FOX Is Apparently Making a TV Show Called 'OK Boomer'

FOX Is Apparently Making a TV Show Called 'OK Boomer'
Depending on who you ask, "OK Boomer" is either a played-out meme, a rallying cry for the youth or, hilariously, an ageist slur. It's also apparently about to be a FOX television series. 

As CNN reports, FOX has officially filed a trademark application for a TV show called OK Boomer.

The publicly available documentation suggests FOX is working on a series that will fall under the reality, comedy and/or game show category with that title. To make the filing, the network's attorney signed a sworn statement suggesting that they have "bona fide intent" to launch a show with that title.

"It would seem unlikely that a company of this size would file such an application unless a show was being considered," trademark attorney Joshua Gerben told CNN.

Of course, there's one thing we know for sure. Based on how fast the meme cycle moves, there's no way people will still be saying this phrase if and when the show ever does make it to air.