Play Iron Maiden's Very Own "Speed of Light" Videogame

Play Iron Maiden's Very Own 'Speed of Light' Videogame
Iron Maiden recently had their undead mascot Eddie roaming through various videogame worlds in the video for their The Book of Souls single, "Speed of Light." If you're the kind of gamer that wants in on that action, good news: the metal act have now unveiled an online arcade game based on the clip.

Also dubbed "Speed of Light," you can play the game now over here. As with the video, the first stage finds you controlling a sprite of Eddie in a Donkey Kong-style climber. The street setting appears to be modelled off the urban decay pictured on 1981's Killers LP, with the leather jacket-wearing zombie climbing up a building to battle a British bruiser and save a damsel in distress. You can control Eddie with either keyboard commands or a mouse.

It should also be noted that the game's soundtrack is a chiptune-style variation of "Speed of Light."

We'll be honest, we haven't finished the first stage, so it's unclear at the moment if the game goes on to include Street Fighter-inspired fight stages between Eddie and the Devil, or turn into a first-person shooter.

A statement from the band notes: "Challenge your friends! Annoy your co-workers! Waste the rest of Friday! Kill time until #TheBookOfSouls is released!"

You can do all of the above by heading here. The video for "Speed of Light," meanwhile, can be found below.

As for The Book of Souls, it hits stores September 4 through Parlophone Records/Sanctuary Copyrights/BMG.