Ab-Soul Discusses 'These Days' Collaborations with Purity Ring and Lupe Fiasco

Ab-Soul Discusses 'These Days' Collaborations with Purity Ring and Lupe Fiasco
From TDE cohorts like Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q to Rick Ross, L.A. rapper Ab-Soul's new album, These Days, boasts a lengthy list of collaborators. However, Canadian fans of standout track, "God's Reign," may be pleased to know that homegrown electro tandem Purity Ring were behind the boards, and the collaboration came about thanks to none other than fellow rising talent Danny Brown.

"I was put onto to Purity Ring by Danny Brown, since he would always play their album [Shrines] on the tour bus," Ab-Soul tells Exclaim! "He was also working with them at the time, and I'm a fan of their music so I reached out and we got it done while they were here in L.A."

Perhaps less surprising, but equally as anticipated, is Ab-Soul's second run of the gamut with the lyrically luminous Lupe Fiasco on "World Runners."

"What actually happened with Lupe, to be perfectly honest with you, was I met him in Chicago on a tour with Kendrick initially, and then we met again in L.A. Eventually, we connected at the studio and he was like, 'We got to do three records: we need to just rap on one song, we need a concept song, and we need a top 40,' so that's what we did and ['World Runners'] was one of the songs that came from that.

"So, now… 'Thorns & Horns' is already out, then 'World Runners' and a third one is coming from us for his [upcoming] album, so you will be hearing that one soon, but I don't want to talk about that one yet."

These Days is out now, and you can stream it in full below.

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