Bad Brains Return with 'Into the Future'

Bad Brains Return with 'Into the Future'
Washington, DC-bred hardcore pioneers Bad Brains are set to return with their first new album of material since 2007's Build a Nation. The album is called Into the Future, and it will hit store shelves November 20 through Megaforce.

A tracklisting for the self-produced album has not yet been made available, but bassist Darryl Jenifer said in a statement that the LP is "the purest Bad Brains recording since the ROIR cassette" (aka their 1982 self-titled debut).

For a taste, you can stream the title track from Into the Future over at Rolling Stone.

Like their last album, which was produced by the late Beastie Boys member and lifetime Bad Brains supporter Adam Yauch, Into the Future preserves the band's celebrated lineup of Jenifer, vocalist H.R., guitarist Dr. Know and drummer Earl Hudson. While the band have gone through inner turmoil and lineup changes throughout their 30-year-plus career, H.R. recently told Rolling Stone that the band have long since accepted their differences.

"Sometimes we bicker and deliberate amongst ourselves, and we pick out, you know, little human qualities... but it's ultimately of no concern because we have a keen sense of awareness, can push our emotions aside and get to the nitty-gritty of the sound and perform — and that's what counts. To rise above all of that: that's what the Brains can do."