CBC Radio Show 'DNTO' Comes to an End

CBC Radio Show 'DNTO' Comes to an End
After 22 years on the air, CBC Radio One's DNTO (also known as Definitely Not the Opera) is coming to an end. The show will air its final episode on Saturday, May 14.

The show started in September of 1994, where it was hosted by Nora Young. Then, in 2002, Sook-Yin Lee took over the reins.

DNTO's format has evolved over the years from a magazine-style pop culture program to a unique program that looks at various aspects of modern life.

According to the CBC, Sook-Yin Lee has moved on to a different project with the organization. Similarly, DNTO's Winnipeg-based team is also working on a new CBC show.

Susan Marjetti, executive director of radio and audio, CBC English services, said, "We wanted to go out on a high. DNTO has had a great run. Its continued popularity for more than two decades is a testament to the creative talent of the team and everyone who has worked on the show over the years, but it was time for a change and we are excited about the new projects we have coming with both Sook-Yin and the Winnipeg team."

Listen to Owen Pallett's DNTO theme song below.