Russell Simmons Wins $10 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Russell Simmons Wins $10 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit
Russell Simmons has beat a sexual assault lawsuit that saw the Def Jam co-founder accused of rape.

News of the decision emerged this week after a woman known only as Jane Doe filed a $10 million USD lawsuit against Simmons in 2018. The music producer denied the charges and even said they were a "vile" attempt at extortion.

On November 13, L.A. Superior Court Judge Mark H. Epstein dismissed the case, reports The Hollywood Reporter, on the grounds the suit was filed against Simmons at least four years too late. The original incident allegedly occurred in 1988, meaning it fell outside the statute of limitations.

"Defendant contends that plaintiff's claims are time-barred because plaintiff admitted the alleged incident occurred in 1988 but filed her action in 2018," wrote Epstein in his ruling. "This is true. As previously stated, the Court granted defendant's motion to deem the request for admission asking plaintiff to admit that the alleged sexual battery occurred in 1988."

The judge added that Jane Doe would have needed to file her complaint in 1990, and even if she argued that an extension should be given because Simmons did not live permanently in the state of California, that extension would have still expired in 2014.

In 2017, Simmons was accused of various sexual assault allegations, though he denied all charges.