Sade Turns Down Drake Collaboration

Sade Turns Down Drake Collaboration
We've been waiting a long time for Drake's debut album Thank Me Later to finally drop, and now it's starting to look like the release might actually be on its way. Drake had recently said the album would be delayed so he could lock down the collaborations he wanted, but with one high-profile artist out of the picture, we're hoping the album will come sooner than later.

The artist in question is soul diva Sade, who recently released her first album in ten years, Soldier of Love. Drake had been eyeing a collaboration for a while, but has learned the hard way that being a rap superstar in the making doesn't mean you get anything you want.

Last year, Drake told WENN that he had been pursuing a Sade collaboration for some time. "There are conversations going on [between the two star's camps]," he said. "I haven't spoken to her personally yet but my management is talking to hers and it's looking more yes than no right now, so I'm hoping we can get it done."

Now, Sade has addressed the rumours with a firm answer, saying, "I don't think they have contacted me. I've never collaborated because I've always avoided working outside of my safety zone. I can be exactly who I am and can fail or succeed within the moment. I feel safe working like I do. I wouldn't want to work in a situation where I am expected to deliver, because I think I wouldn't deliver."

For someone who just waited ten years to release a new album, that attitude of quality control is commendable. At least Drake still has Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and other rappers of that ilk attached to his project.