Studio Ghibli Launches Massive Vinyl Reissue Campaign

Nine soundtracks from the beloved Japanese studio are coming back to wax
Studio Ghibli Launches Massive Vinyl Reissue Campaign
Despite Studio Ghibli being one of the world's most beloved animation houses, the soundtracks to the Japanese studio's films can be incredibly hard to find, especially on vinyl. That will soon change, however, as a massive vinyl reissue campaign is now being launched.

On November 3, nine Studio Ghibli soundtracks will arrive on vinyl. These include music from films like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1983), Castle in the Sky (1986) and, of course, My Neighbour Totoro (1989). All of the soundtracks were composed by Ghibli music director Joe Hisaishi.

The soundtracks will all be released via Tokuma Japan, but so far, there does not appear to be domestic North American pressings planned.

However, you can pre-order the reissues on Amazon over here or via HMV over here.