Ben Folds Treats 'Rockin' the Suburbs' to 15th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue

Ben Folds Treats 'Rockin' the Suburbs' to 15th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue
Ben Folds will soon be starting up a tour in support of his recent So There LP, but the piano-playing popsmith will apparently be putting the shine on some of his earliest solo material in 2016 as well. A vinyl reissue of his 2001 collection, Rockin' the Suburbs, is reportedly hitting shelves in February as a 15th anniversary reissue.

According to a listing from retailer Bullmoose [via Modern Vinyl], the album will land as a double LP on February 26 via Org Music. It should be noted that neither the label nor Folds himself has commented on the expected release officially.

This 15th anniversary edition marks the first time the material has been pressed on wax since the original album release, which had arrived via Epic. Those copies have been selling for anywhere from $100 to $350 on resale site Discogs.

As with the original vinyl pressing, this latest edition includes "Hiro's Song," which had also popped up as a bonus track on the Japanese version of the CD. The album was Folds' first solo venture, following his tenure with critical favourites Ben Folds Five. You'll find the full tracklisting for Rockin' the Suburbs down below.

Folds' forthcoming tour, meanwhile, kicks off in April. The month-long trek finds Folds and his backup band hitting Montreal and Toronto in May. You'll find the full details over here.

Rockin' the Suburbs:

1. Annie Waits
2. Zak And Sara
3. Still Fighting It
4. Gone
5. Fred Jones Part 2
6. The Ascent Of Stan
7. Losing Lisa
8. Carrying Cathy
9. Not The Same
10. Hiro's Song
11. Rockin' The Suburbs
12. Fired
13. The Luckiest