Ben Folds & yMusic "Capable of Anything"

Ben Folds & yMusic 'Capable of Anything'
Back in January, piano man Ben Folds announced that he would be making a chamber music crossover album with New York ensemble yMusic. At the time, a trailer promised that it would be out ""some f*ckin time this year," and now he's finally shared a track from the project.

The album is called So There, and fans can get a taste of it thanks to the newly unveiled track "Capable of Anything." The song isn't too much of a departure from Folds' usual sensitive, pop-friendly piano rock, but the twist is that it's filled with sweeping strings, trilling flute and mournful trumpet.

Folds said in a statement [via NPR], "This song is about how, if you're going to say that you are capable of anything, you need accept those things that you are capable of, of which you're not so proud." Hear "Capable of Anything" below.

So There is out on September 11. It will include eight songs with yMusic plus a piano concerto with the Nashville Symphony.