Bernice "Passenger Plane"

Bernice 'Passenger Plane'
As appropriate as today might be for Bernice's Puff LP, we're still a month away from hearing the whole thing. The Toronto pop outfit have, however, shared another teaser track off the upcoming album.
"Passenger Plane" follows lead single "Glue," and it hears songwriter/vocalist Robin Dann reflecting on past sadness.
"It's hard to let go of things, and actually, the pain of experience is something that makes me feel more myself so I am protective of it," Dann explained in a statement. "Memory can feel like an alien at times, dropping down to overtake me. Biking along Dundas St. past a nighttime sidewalk celebration. Night time clouds, and the closeness in the city to strangers living full lives in strange parallels with our own."
Hear that translate into "Passenger Plane" down below.
Puff LP: In the air without a shape is due out on May 25 via Arts & Crafts.