Chance the Rapper Speaks Out in Support of Kanye's Presidential Bid

"Yall trust Biden more than yall trust Ye. I think I understand why, I just don't feel the same way"
Chance the Rapper Speaks Out in Support of Kanye's Presidential Bid
Photo: Rick Clifford
Kanye West's plans to run for president have been met with widespread scorn, from his opposition of abortion and vaccinations to the fact that he's already missed the deadline to run in several states. Evidently he has at least one supporter, however: Chance the Rapper.

Today Chance voiced his support for Kanye in a series of tweets, in which he attacked the two-party system and suggested that Democratic candidate Joe Biden would be as bad as Trump. He implied that anyone who trusted Biden more than Kanye is racist — and, of course, he shared Kanye's new song "DONDA."

So far, Chance has stopped short of actually saying that he's going to vote for Kanye, and he hasn't commented on his rap colleague's vaguely theocratic political platform. Naturally, he's getting a lot of criticism in the replies, and "Chance" is currently trending on Twitter (as of press time).

This isn't the first time Chance has courted controversy by backing Kanye's political views. Back in 2018, he apologized after seemingly supporting the rapper's pro-Trump stance. Elon Musk initially voiced his support for West's presidential run. Once Kanye explained some of his views in a little more depth, however, Musk withdrew his support.