Hear the Tragically Hip Play the Legendary CBGB 29 Years Ago Today

Touring behind 'Fully Completely' brought the band to "New York City's notorious 'shithole' of punk glory" in 1993
Hear the Tragically Hip Play the Legendary CBGB 29 Years Ago Today
Photo (band): Gordon Hawkins
It's true: the Tragically Hip once were once supported by a little band named Nirvana in 1989, but their brushes with iconic rock figures on the road to becoming legends themselves don't stop there.

Twenty-nine years ago today, young Kingston outfit played famed New York music venue CBGB, and you can hear the entire set from the evening below.

The band recalled their stop in the latest edition of their "Tales from the Hip" newsletter, reflecting how they pulled into Manhattan's East Village to play CBGB — widely considered the birthplace of punk rock — nearly three decades ago on tour behind 1992's Fully Completely.

As they tell it, "29 years ago today, we gave our all to a crowd of fresh faces in New York City's notorious 'shithole' of punk glory; CBGB. Being only 3 months following the release of Fully Completely, we played nearly the full album (minus 'Wheat Kings' and 'Eldorado' — not exactly appropriate for the setting)."

Last year, the Tragically Hip celebrated 30 years of sophomore album Road Apples with deluxe anniversary reissues. The celebrations also saw the arrival of Saskadelphia, a collection of album rarities bearing the LP's originally proposed title.

Find out where Fully Completely sits in Exclaim!'s Essential Guide to the Tragically Hip.

The Tragically Hip @ CBGB, January 14, 1993:

1. Fully Completely  
2. Looking For A Place To Happen
3. Courage (For Hugh MacLennan)
4. Fifty-Mission Cap
5. Pigeon Camera  
6. We'll Go Too  
7. Lionized
8. At The Hundredth Meridian  
9. Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
10. The Wherewithal