​Here are the 2019 Western Canadian Music Awards Winners

Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Dan Mangan and Begonia are among the winning artists
​Here are the 2019 Western Canadian Music Awards Winners
The first round of Western Canadian Music Awards were handed out last night (October 3) in Whitehorse.
Among the winners were acts like Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Begonia and Dan Mangan.
See the list of winners so far below. Winners appear in bold.
In addition to the artist awards that were presented last night, industry awards will be handed out at a separate event on Saturday (October 5).

UPDATE (10/7, 9:15 a.m. EDT): The industry awards were announced on Saturday, and you can see the full list of those winners below, as well.
Both awards shows fall under the umbrella of the BreakOut West festival, which offers showcases throughout the weekend.
Find full information and ticketing details at the BreakOut West website.

Blues Artist of the Year:

Brandon Isaak – BC
David Gogo – BC
Jack Semple – SK
James Buddy Rogers – BC
Ndidi O – BC
BreakOut Artist of the Year:

Dan Mangan – BC
Foxwarren – SK
Nuela Charles – AB
Snotty Nose Rez Kids – BC
Striker – AB
Children's Artist of the Year:

Ginalina – BC
Raffi – BC
Rattle and Strum – AB
Seanster and the Monsters – MB
The Oot n' Oots – BC
Classical Artist / Ensemble of the Year (Sponsored by Canadian Music Centre [CMC]):

Land's End Ensemble – AB
Turning Point Ensemble – BC
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra – MB
Vancouver Chamber Choir – BC
Carmen Braden – NT
Classical Composer of the Year:

Allan Gordon Bell – AB
Carmen Braden – NT
Farshid Samandari – BC
Laurie Radford – AB
Owen Underhill – BC
Country Artist of the Year:

Aaron Pritchett – BC
Brett Kissel – AB
Dan Davidson – AB
George Canyon – AB
Hunter Brothers – SK
Electronic / Dance Artist of the Year:

Dirty Radio – BC
Humans – BC
I M U R – BC
Soulier – AB
Talltale – AB
Francophone Artist of the Year (Sponsored by Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique [APCM]):

Alpha Toshineza – MB
Ponteix – SK
Rayannah – MB
Shawn Jobin – SK
Vaero – SK
Indigenous Artist of the Year:

Carsen Gray – BC
Digawolf – NT
Diyet & the Love Soldiers – YT
Hellnback – MB
Northern Haze – NV
Instrumental Artist of the Year:

Apollo Suns – MB
Five Alarm Funk – BC
Gordon Grdina's The Marrow – BC
Signs & Letters – AB
West of Mabou – SK
Jazz Artist of the Year:

Al Muirhead – SK
BC Double Quartet – BC
Hard Rubber Orchestra – BC
Jodi Proznick – BC
Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra – MB
Metal / Hard Music Artist of the Year:

Hunting Giants – BC
Neck of the Woods – BC
Shooting Guns – SK
Striker – AB
tunic – MB
Pop Artist of the Year:

Begonia – MB
Jill Barber – BC
Madison Olds – BC
Royal Canoe – MB
Sarah MacDougall – YT
Rap / Hip Hop Artist of the Year:

Alpha Toshineza – MB
Bdice – BC
Merkules – BC
Snak the Ripper – BC
Vials – BC
Rock Artist of the Year (Sponsored by Stingray Music):

Dan Mangan – BC
Foxwarren – SK
Digawolf – NT
Said The Whale – BC
The Sheepdogs – SK
Roots Duo / Group of the Year:

Carmanah – BC
GhostBoy – AB
Pharis & Jason Romero – BC 
Rosie & the Riveters – SK
Tri-Continental – AB / BC
Roots Solo Artist of the Year:

Belle Plaine – SK
Joe Nolan – AB
John Wort Hannam – AB
Mariel Buckley – AB
Micah Erenberg – MB
Songwriter(s) of the Year (Sponsored by The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada [SOCAN]):

Dan Mangan, Cold In The Summer – BC
Jill Barber and Ryan Guldemond. Girl's Gotta Do – BC
Mariel Buckley, Rose Coloured Frames – AB
Pharis Romero - Pharis & Jason Romero, Sweet Old Religion – BC
Roman Clarke, Waiting – MB
Spiritual Artist of the Year:

Chelsea Amber – BC
Kyle Church – AB
Warren Dean Flandez – BC
West of Here – AB
Urban Artist of the Year:

Hooper Turnt Sanger – BC
Samurai Champs – SK
Tiny Havoc – BC
Visual Media Composer of the Year:

Brett Elliot - Church of Zombie, Welcome to the Church – YT
Burnett/Schmidt, Reawaken (Movements I-V) – AB
Jared Robinson, Canadian Mental Health Association 100 Year Anniversary – SK
Jeffery Straker, The Storm Orchestral – SK
Tim Brown, Run for Your Life – AB
World Artist of the Year:

Buckman Coe – BC
Montuno West – AB
Portiia – BC
Ryan Timoffee – AB


Audio Engineering Award:

Ben Kaplan, Fader Mountain Sound – BC
Scott Franchuk, Riverdale Recorders – AB
Sheldon Zaharko, Zed Productions – BC
Spencer Cheyne, OCL Studios – AB
Steve Bays – BC
Community Excellence Award:

National Music Centre – AB
The Dungarees - 24 Hour Gigathon – AB
The Park Show – BC
The Village Idiots – MB
West End Cultural Centre – MB
Excellence in Visual Design:

Bronwin Parks - Feisty Creative – BC
Chris Morin – SK
Jadyn Klassen – MB
Roberta Landreth – MB
Shalom Toy - Cosmic Cavern Design – AB
Impact in Artistic Development:

Dan Mangan, Arts & Crafts Productions – BC
Jessica Marsh, JAM Music Mgmt – AB
National Music Centre – AB
Paquin Artists Agency – MB
The Feldman Agency – BC
Impact in Live Music:

Adam Oppenheim - Stampede Entertainment Inc. – AB
Dan Mangan - Arts & Crafts Productions – BC
Paquin Artists Agency – MB
West End Cultural Centre – MB
Winnipeg Folk Festival – MB
Impact in Music Marketing:

Matt Olah - Calgary Folk Fest / Soaring Eagle Records – AB
National Music Centre – AB
The Village Idiots – MB
West End Cultural Centre – MB
Winnipeg Folk Festival – MB
Producer of the Year:

Ben Kaplan, Fader Mountain Sound – BC
Madeleine Roger & Lloyd Peterson – MB
Rayannah & Mario Lepage – MB / SK
Ryan Worsley, Echoplant Sound – BC
Steve Bays – BC
Recording of the Year:

Dan Mangan – BC
Foxwarren – SK
Jill Barber – BC
Pharis & Jason Romero – BC 
Sarah MacDougall – YT
Video Director of the Year:

Danie Easton - Madison Olds, Thank You – BC
Eric Peterson - Yes We Mystic, Young Evil – MB
Johnny Jansen - Said The Whale, UnAmerican – BC
Peter Ricq – Humans, Breakfast With Liz – BC
Travis Nesbitt - The Dungarees, Don't Hold Back – AB