Jazz Cartier Festival d'été de Quebec, Quebec QC, July 12

Jazz Cartier Festival d'été de Quebec, Quebec QC, July 12
Photo: Renaud Philippe
With the announcement that Lil Pump would no longer be joining Festival d'été de Québec early Friday afternoon (July 12), young fans showed up to festivals grounds unsure of where the night would take them. 
Fortunately for them, Toronto rapper Jazz Cartier did an exceptional job at filling the space — or rather, opening up the crowd — for the headliners. Backed by his DJ 4th Pyramid, Cartier stepped onto the stage with anthem "New Religion" before stepping into "Godflower" from his 2018 album, Fleurever. Running from one side of the stage to the other, jumping on speakers and even taking a moment to perform from a pop-up side stage bar, Cartier's energy lit up the early evening crowd, who formed their own mosh pits during his set.
Breaking out into "I Know" and "Tell Me," it didn't take long for the mosh pits to form or for Cartier to join them. Shedding his long sleeve shirt, Cartier ran up and down media pits and posed on barriers, often being assisted by fans to hold him up or security holding him up against the rails. Cartier, whose performance of "Red Alert" captivated fans, made his way back to the stage to perform other Toronto favourites "Talk of the Town" and "Dead or Alive," as well as "Tempted to Touch" to mellow things out.
Out of breath, sweaty and grateful, Cartier ended his set by directing the crowd to say one thing: "Free Rocky," referring to A$AP Rocky, who's currently being held at a Swedish prison following an alleged altercation with a fan.
Though Cartier went into his performance with a solid fanbase supporting him, he left with a couple thousand new fans ready to see what's next from Toronto's Prince of the City.