Jordan Klassen Gets Tender for His New "Golden Ladder" Video

The song comes from last year's 'Tell Me What to Do'
Jordan Klassen Gets Tender for His New 'Golden Ladder' Video
Vancouver songwriter Jordan Klassen is back with a new video for his "Golden Ladder" — the closing track from his 2020 album Tell Me What to Do. And spoiler: it's a heartbreaker.

As a press release explains, the video aims to illuminate the "softness and vulnerability" of the song via the relationship between a mother and her daughter. But instead of hiring actors for the video, director Farhad Ghaderi instead used a real family.

In a statement, Ghaderi explained: "'Golden Ladder' is a reflection on the lives of a woman and her mother, as they heal in the face of intergenerational trauma [and] what happens when the role of the caretaker is reversed with time… Some of these moments are inspired by my own family's journey with healing, trauma and immigration…"

Watch the video for "Golden Ladder" down below.