Korn's Jonathan Davis on COVID-19 Recovery: "I Didn't Eat for a Month"

The vocalist has opened up about contracting the virus on tour
Korn's Jonathan Davis on COVID-19 Recovery: 'I Didn't Eat for a Month'
Photo: Roger Woolman
Back in August, Jonathan Davis was the first member of nu-metal outfit Korn to test positive for COVID-19 as the band embarked on their US tour. Three-fifths of the group ended being diagnosed before the end of the run, and now Davis is speaking out on his experience with the virus and its aftereffects.

In a new interview with HardDrive Online, Davis revealed details about what he went through both physically and mentally in his recovery process.

"I tested positive on August 14," the frontman began. "I was at a gig in Scranton. My girl had tested positive three days prior, so I was hoping [I wouldn't get infected]. I kept testing: I was like, 'Negative, negative, negative' — like, 'Oh, I just dodged a bullet.' Then [I tested] positive. I was scared shitless; I was freaking out."

As for how contracting COVID-19 impacted him on tour, Davis continued:

I was totally wiped out. I couldn't move; just the body aches. I didn't eat for a month, damn near. But thank God it didn't get into my lungs — that would have really freaked me out.

But I got through it and tested negative on [August] 25th, I think, and I played a show the next day. And I was beat up, but I just couldn't find it in my heart… I just wanted to get through it because I saw how happy people were to see live music and I just didn't wanna let anyone down.

As previously reported, the singer got oxygen onstage and performed from a throne at the end of August — 11 days after testing positive, which took place prior to Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer's COVID-19 diagnosis in September and drummer Ray Luzier's in October. The band pressed on with the tour regardless.

You can watch the full interview with Davis below.

Korn announced their new album Requiem led by latest single "Start the Healing" last week.