Listen to Little Misty's New Album 'Nowhere Land'

Their album release party is happening Saturday at Montreal's Cabaret Lion d'Or
Listen to Little Misty's New Album 'Nowhere Land'
With their album release party scheduled for tomorrow (May 27) at Cabaret Lion d'Or in Montreal, local folk heroes Little Misty have given their fans plenty of lead-up to learn the lyrics to all the songs from their latest album, which arrived officially on 14.

If you want to sing along with the band — formed by Kathryn Samman (vocals) and Francois Jalbert (guitar) — all Saturday night, you can get your listening in here at Exclaim! by cranking up the volume on Nowhere Land, streaming on your player of choice below.

With sun-soaked lapsteel underscored by gentle percussion, rhythmic guitars and lilting strings, the band lean into their storytelling strengths across the album's 10 tracks. Samman's vocals uplift throughout, even as fantastical songs' subject matter turns pragmatic: "The hands of a clock being turned back won't stop time / Some things can't be undone no matter how hard you try," she sings on "Butterfly."

A pandemic-formed album at its beginning, the songs of Nowhere Land came together remotely as Jalbert and Samman mapped out its arrangements, writing and making demos safely from home before taking it into the studio. "The repertoire took a more surreal path," they explained in a statement, "as we felt like we needed to express whatever we were going through at that moment in time, without any aesthetic limitation whatsoever." 

Following the release of their early-2020 debut self-titled album, Little Misty recorded Nowhere Land at Mixart Studio and Donde Piano Studio in Montreal. The album was produced by Jalbert and Joe Grass (who also plays banjo and percussion on the album), recorded by Nicolas Petrowski and Jalbert, mixed by Pierre Girard and mastered by Marc Thériault at Le Lab Mastering.

The album finds the founding duo teaming up with Rémi Jean Leblanc (double bass, electric bass, banjo), Cédric Dind-Lavoie (double bass), Mark Nelson (drums, percussions), Jerome Beaulieu (piano, keyboards), Erika Angell (backing vocals) and Mélanie Bélair (string arrangements, violins). Many of the contributing artists will be present at the show tomorrow, which promises to be a "great evening."

Listen to the album below, where you can find the details for their album release show. Get your tickets here

Order Nowhere Land on vinyl, CD and digital via Little Misty's Bandcamp.