Madonna's Old House Is Being Sold by a Dog

The singer reacts to Gunther the German Shepherd/real estate mogul's listing
Madonna's Old House Is Being Sold by a Dog
It's a dog-eat-dog world out there — and Madonna's gotten the short end of the stick. The queen of pop's old property in Miami, FL, is being up-sold by a German Shepherd named Gunther VI.

Madge reacted to the listing price of nearly $32 million USD, which is apparently quite a bit more than what she got for it.

In an Instagram Story, she posted a glum photo of herself with the caption: "When you find out a dog is selling your house for 3 times the amount you sold it for!"

The pop star actually lived in the house two decades ago, but Gunther the dog now sleeps in her former master bedroom [via NPR]. Its current owner became heir to the property via his grandfather, who was also named Gunther. Despite waterfront views and luxurious amenities of the eight-bedroom home, the dog's main residence is actually a villa in Tuscany.

Now, you're probably wondering, "How does a pup come into such a bougie lifestyle?" Gunther's great-grandfather — also named Gunther — inherited many millions in trust from his owner, German countess Karlotta Liebenstein, after her death in 1992. The trust is managed by a real estate board and a number of caretakers through the Gunther Corporation, and it's now estimated to be worth about $500 million.

But puppy love? That's priceless.

However, Gunther definitely enjoys the finer things in life, including a personal chef, diamond-encrusted collar, a custom velvet bed and excursions to the Bahamas by private jet.

See the screenshot of Madonna's story post addressing in response to this ruff moment in her life below.

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