Montreal's Population II Share Bonsound Debut "Beau baptême"

Montreal's Population II Share Bonsound Debut 'Beau baptême'
Montreal-based psych rock trio Population II — one of Exclaim!'s favourite finds from the city's 2020 Taverne Tour — have released a new single, "Beau baptême," their debut for hometown label Bonsound

"Beau baptême" is about a writer's psychological journey to complete a work, starting with how ideas are born and how some creative efforts flow more quickly than others. The song is rife with the heavy psych rock and funk rhythms that the band is known for, along with drummer/vocalist Pierre-Luc Gratton's unique voice and off-the-wall lyrics. See the visualizer for "Beau baptême" below. 

This is their first new release since their 2020 album  la O Terre, their first label-released album after being discovered by John Dwyer of Osees. You can expect more new music from them soon via Bonsound.