'The Prodigy' Gets Soundtrack Release and It's "Possessed"

The deluxe vinyl OST arrives via Waxwork Records
'The Prodigy' Gets Soundtrack Release and It's 'Possessed'
Once again, Waxwork Records is hitting us up with a new soundtrack release. This time, it's for the newly released horror flick The Prodigy.

The music for The Prodigy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was helmed by composer Joseph Bishara, and his work will now be presented in a deluxe vinyl package.

According to a press release, here's what you can expect from the score:

The haunting soundtrack by Joseph Bishara (Insidious, The Conjuring) is an expert composition of dark orchestral scoring focusing on heavy string arrangements, clarinet, and horns reminiscent of classic 1970's horror soundtracks. The orchestration is blended with emotive electronic soundscapes. Bishara's tense strings, coupled with droning electronic rhythms and piano, sets the dark tone and effectively captures impending doom.

The Waxwork release will arrive on 180-gram "Blue Iris" coloured vinyl with art by Adam Rabalais. It also comes with a printed insert and arrives with old style tip-on gatefold jackets.

The label also tried to achieve something a little different this time around with its packaging, explaining, "It was Waxwork's aim to create a vinyl record that could appear 'possessed' and by using UV reactive compounds, the record emits an eerie, glowing splatter effect when exposed to a black light. The unique result is a stunning vinyl record, both sonically and visually. Much like the character Miles in The Prodigy, the vinyl soundtrack itself is hiding something sinister in plain sight."

The soundtrack is on sale via Waxwork now over here, where you can also check out more product shots of the release.

Watch a trailer for the Nicholas McCarthy-directed film below and read our review here. The film is out in theatres today.