This French Montana Song Sounds Suspiciously Similar to "Jump" by Norwegian Pop Star Astrid S

Astrid S brought some striking similarities between the 'They Got Amnesia' track and her 2016 song to light on TikTok
This French Montana Song Sounds Suspiciously Similar to 'Jump' by Norwegian Pop Star Astrid S
Photo: Justin Higuchi (right)
While most copyright infringement claims in the music industry range somewhere from at least a little ambiguous to totally off-base, Norwegian pop star Astrid S has pointed out the striking similarities between French Montana's "How You King?" and her own song "Jump."

In a video posted to TikTok, the singer — born Astrid Smelpass — played a snippet of her 2016 track, followed by an excerpt of the cut from the rapper's new album They Got Amnesia that appears to not only use the same melody, but also lift the exact lyrics.

Montana is credited as the sole writer on "How You King?", which came out just last week. Meanwhile, Smelpass co-wrote "Jump" with Nicholas Oliver Ruth and Emily Warren Schwartz for her self-titled 2016 EP.

"I get these thoughts in my head / But I wouldn't do it anyway / Or at least that's what I say," Smelpass sings — and the rapper follows suit without even trying to be subtle about it. The verse continues on both tracks: "'Til I'm right on the edge / I take a look at the bottom / And I know it will hurt hitting ground / But I don't think that I'd mind the falling."

That's the kind of blatant plagiarism that would get one expelled, Montana. It doesn't seem like there's any way a theft like this could have been accidental, and it's probably too late to pull an Olivia Rodrigo.

Whether or not he got amnesia, the hip-hopper certainly has some 'splainin' to do.

Watch Smelpass' TikTok and listen to the two songs in their entirety below.
@astridsofficial #duet with @astridsofficial ♬ original sound - Astrid S

Earlier this year, French Montana featured on DMX's posthumous single "Been to War" — and it sounds like he might be about to find himself in a legal one.